Next cohort beginning May 2024 - Register for the waitlist now! ~ Next cohort beginning May 2024 - Register for the waitlist now!
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Next cohort beginning April 2024 - Register for the waitlist now! ~ Next cohort beginning April 2024 - Register for the waitlist now!

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bee me foundations course


You follow a ton of social media accounts on ‘healing.’ You’ve read some books. But it’s just bits and pieces. You know SOME of your triggers, or maybe glimmers, or - you’re not really sure.

One thing is for certain, you feel dissatisfied - as though happiness is just a little out of reach. And you’re not sure why. You lose it randomly on your friends, your kids, your partner. You should be happy. But you haven’t really felt like your SELF in a long time.

You aren’t alone. Most adults have felt this way at some point and it can lead to a lot of frustration, guilt and general unhappiness. The good news is that it’s changeable. You have the power to uncover new ways of experiencing your life, your emotions, and your relationships.  

You want to do the work, but don’t really know where to begin...

  • Learn about your holistic health
  • Understand your triggers (and glimmers)
  • Regulate your emotions
  • Calm your mind and body Handle conflict with calm & caring
  • Create meaningful connections
  • Practice nervous system regulation
  • Feel confident in your sense of self
  • Set & maintain healthy boundaries
  • Practice deep self-care in community

The BEE ME Foundations Program is an 8 module, self-paced, comprehensive course for anyone looking to create safer environments, gain tools for self-awareness and regulation, and live a more present, meaningful life. All while becoming a calmer and more centered person in the process.

A more peaceful you IS possible.



Interested in learning about the team behind the BEE ME Project or why we’re so passionate about what we do? 

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The BEE ME Foundations Course empowers you to:

Module One: Intro to Holistic Health
Look at your health as a whole to understand where it might be out of balance. 
  • Goals of the program
  • Introduction to the five BEE ME pillars
  • Self-responsibility and self-awareness
  • Intro to your breath
Topics Include
Module Two: Listening to Your Body
Understand your nervous system and how it influences your perception of safety. 
  • Stress and your body
  • Intro to polyvagal theory
  • The autonomic nervous system 
  • Nervous system mapping
Topics Include
Module Three: The Importance of Emotion
Notice and respond to your own emotions with attention, respect, and self-regulation
  • Connecting with the body 
  • Emotional awareness: draining and replenishing emotions
  • Heart coherence
Topics Include
Module Four: Everything is Energy 
Develop the skills to keep track of your energy drains and gains.
  • Relational energetics
  • Emotions and energy
  • Reviving and depleting energy: energy gains and energy drains 
Topics Include
Module Five: Calm your Mind
Understand the basics of our neuro-landscapes. 
  •  Identifying the hamster wheel of thoughts
  •  How mindfulness works
  •  Our perception of safety
  •  State and story
Topics Include
Module Six: Environmental Awareness
Tune in to your senses to regulate your system, as you assess your environment. 
  • Creating safe spaces
  •  Using ‘noticing’
  •  Tuning in to our senses
  •  Cues of threat and cues of safety
Topics Include
Module Seven: Co-Regulation
Use the tools you’ve learned to support effective regulation in others
  • Self-regulation vs. co-regulation (why are they important?)
  • What is effective co-regulation? 
  • Implementation effective co-regulation
Topics Include
Module Eight: Intergration
Learn how to support yourself with the knowledge you’ve gained. 
  • What does integration mean?
  •  How to begin implementing what you’ve learned
  •  Deep self-care
Topics Include
The Self-Work Guide You’ve Been Looking For


We believe in supporting your growth, too.

  • Access to our full library of meditation, movement, and yoga practices for six months.
  • Weekly community calls with our facilitators to discuss, reflect, and practice what you’ve learned. 
  • A one-on-one calls during the course with one facilitator to discuss pressing questions.
  • A 15-day love it or leave it refund policy. 

The Foundations Course also includes: 

All of our Foundations facilitators are all trained yoga instructors, mindfulness educators & somatic practitioners, with decades of experience teaching, learning, and living nervous system regulation.


Praise from other self healers:




The shaking exercise! I am baffled how well that works when I feel stressed. Also the glimmers exercise! 
Identifying triggers and glimmers was the most eye opening part for me. I never realized my glimmer list would be so hard to compile. One of my 2024 resolutions is to pay attention to what makes me feel the glimmers and I have a page in my journal where I want to write them down when I find them.

J. Williams





I found the course to be very informative and easy to navigate. I found it... engaging when [the instructors] were able to take a deeper dive into the topics covered and really elaborate on what was being discussed. [I like] Having a better understanding of our nervous system

K.  Burchurt





[The facilitator] Natalia offered not only a clear and concise presentation but also found areas that really resonated with the group to ensure that all who attended the course could leave with exercises that would benefit their day to day lives. Thoroughly engaging!

S. Petre-Mears


  • You’re ready to put the work in to heal yourself first
  • You want to be a more present parent or person in your life
  • You want to feel more confident in your authenticity
  • You’re looking to get to know yourself (the real you) again
  • You’re ready to invite joy back in
  • You want to begin to address generational or ancestral trauma
  • You want to be more self-aware and in control in stressful situations

BEE ME Foundations is right for you if:




Our programs are meticulously crafted to foster change, growth, and healing. Embarking on this course, you can anticipate significant transformations. It's important to remember that healing and growth are ongoing journeys, continuing well beyond the program's duration. Our approach is to nurture a gradual, yet profound change, emphasizing the importance of patience and self-compassion in your personal transformation journey.

BEE ME’s programs are holistic, blending diverse methodologies like mindfulness, yoga, somatic work, parts work, dance, and energy work. This multi-modality approach increases the likelihood of finding movement and meditation styles that resonate uniquely with you. Our integrative method is designed to cater to your individual preferences and needs, offering a varied and enriching experience throughout the program.


BEE ME's programs cater to everyone, regardless of their experience with somatic work and nervous system regulation. We provide scholarships for BIPOC participants, ensuring accessibility and inclusivity. Additionally, a portion of our profits supports our NGO, which offers similar programs free of charge to low-income communities in the Caribbean. This approach ensures that our impact reaches wider communities.

We deeply care about making sure that the Foundations Course is:


commonly asked questions

The BEE ME Foundations Course is delivered on Mighty Networks. Upon registration and payment, you will receive a link to the course. A module is released once each week for 8 weeks. Each module contains a 20 minute lecture, 20 minute guided practice, and a worksheet to complete that week. At the end of the week we meet in a community call as a group to discuss the weeks material. 

Upon registration, you’ll also get access to our unique library of movement and meditation visual and audio resources, which you can use throughout the program and for 2 months after completion. Along with the course material, you’ll also receive weekly group calls, access to our exclusive Voxer group for your cohort, two individual coaching sessions with our facilitators, and access to weekly office hours. 

In the registration form, there is a question which asks you to indicate whether you would like to be considered for a scholarship. Click ‘yes’ and you will receive by email another form to complete to access the scholarship.

The course runs for eight weeks with facilitators. Following the course you will have an additional two months to complete all the material. Our regular office hours and Voxer group will continue to run should you have any questions. 

Upon completion you will receive a BEE ME certificate stating you have completed the course. In future, you can use this certification to apply to our Trainer program, and be able to deliver BEE ME Training workshops in your area.

You can cancel with full refund up to one week before the start date of the program. If you cancel within one week of the start of the program we will keep a $50 administration fee. You can also receive a refund within the first two weeks of the course by emailing our staff at to receive a full refund if you don’t feel the course is a good fit. 

This course is not a substitute for a therapeutic relationship. However, it will nicely support any existing therapy or provide alternative support to traditional psychotherapy protocols.