helping you invest in your people, for a healthier and happier community ~ let the BEE ME Project host your next professional development session
helping you invest in your people, for a healthier and happier community ~ let the BEE ME Project host your next professional development session
helping you invest in your people, for a healthier and happier community ~ let the BEE ME Project host your next professional development session

supporting research

5 - “How to Manage Trauma.” National Council for Behavioural Health, February 8, 2023.

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building Resilience

from the outside in.

Trauma-informed professional development to transform organizational capacity. 


Many educational institutions and organizations place small value on mental and emotional health.

And yet, approximately 70% of adults will experience trauma at some point in their lives (5). And 76% of adults are currently experiencing health problems due to chronic stress (6).

What does this mean?

High levels of stress and unresolved trauma affect one’s ability to learn, connect with others, and verbally communicate, among a host of other undesirable effects (7).

This is a problem for organizations and the people they serve. As students and clients struggle with the demands of the modern world, our institutions struggle with issues like communication, toxic work culture, leadership problems, and conflict resolution.

How can we create more resilient, connected, and inclusive professional communities? 

Stress management is often overlooked in schools and organizations – but it’s time to make a change.

At BEE ME, we know that strong communities are built by resilient, connected, and mindful individuals. 


Resilience at a nervous system level is critical to optimizing both individual and collective performance.

Research shows that co-regulation - the act of providing interactive regulatory support between people – is crucial to establishing safe and loving environments for people to thrive (9). Creating environments that FEEL safe for everyone opens the door to more effective communication, creativity, learning, and problem-solving.

While much of the emphasis in professional development is on the external world, BEE ME Workshops focus on the development of the internal self. Individual wellness - at a nervous system level - is a prerequisite for healthier organizations.

We help organizations develop resilience, coherence, and connection, using body-based (somatic) and mindfulness training designed to improve organizational wellness. Our workshops draw on current and existing research in neuroscience, heart coherence, mindfulness, trauma, and education to provide custom-built workshops and consultations tailored to address individual and organizational needs. 

We offer the missing knowledge for staff to offer empathy, compassion, and understanding from a scientific perspective as well as an experienced, felt sense. With this knowledge, educators can spend more time teaching - not managing, and organizations can spend more time building - not putting out fires.

invest in your community

 Individual wellness - at a nervous system level - is a prerequisite for healthier organizations. 

In short, individual well-being at a nervous system level influences collective performance.

Research on the neurobiology of mindfulness suggests regular practice can result in the following benefits: 


  • Enhanced attention, greater ability to emotionally regulate, and greater flexibility in thinking
  • Higher teacher perceptions of student self-control, attention spans, participation, and caring
  • Greater job satisfaction and lower rates of burnout than in schools without mindfulness practices
  • Improved classroom culture and empowered teachers to respond to classroom pressures (10)

  • Greater job satisfaction
  • Improved communication, problem-solving, and productivity 
  • Improved self-regulation, focus and concentration
  • Improved Heart Rate Variability and resilience
  • Increased well-being, positive emotion, and ability to form friendships
  • Greater compassion and the ability to be nonreactive (11)

A mindful team is a more peaceful, happy, and effective one. 

For Educators:

For Organizations:

Three customizable workshops tailored to your organizational goals. 

The BEE Resilient Workshop

For organizations looking to build capacity and organizational wellness, this workshop focuses on building resilient teams. The BEE ME Resilience Workshop teaches participants how mental and emotional stress affects interpersonal communication, connection, and conflict resolution.

Participants will gain valuable knowledge and tools to enhance empathy, compassion, co-operation, performance, creativity and problem-solving.  


Workshop Outline

  • Structure decided in conjunction with institutional leadership

Post-Seminar Weekly Follow-Ups x 3

Closing Practice / Reflection

Tailored Session: Based on Challenges Identified in Audit

  • Resiliency at the Individual & Team Levels
  • Co-Regulation and Self-regulation
  • Witnessing, noticing, & building the interoception sense

Building Collective Resiliency: Mindfulness, Somatics, and the Mind-Body Connection

  • The intersection of learning, performance, communication, and connection
  • We are wired for protection or connection (The Autonomic Nervous System)
  • Nervous System Regulation & The Science of Connection

How Mental and Emotional Stress Affects our Bodies and Minds 

  • How do you know you have stress?
  • How does your body respond to stressors?
  • How does your biology dictate your capacity for resilience, learning, and connecting?

What is Stress?

  • Taking responsibility for Self
  • Reactivity vs. Response

Opening Practice / Introduction 

  • (Specific organizational challenges can include but are not limited to:, Stress Management, Heart-Centered or Authentic Leadership, Academic Challenges, Behavioural Challenges, Conflict Resolution, Communication, Building Resilient Teams, and Diversity-Equity-Inclusion-Justice Planning)

Pre-Seminar Audit of Specific Organizational Challenges and Objectives

Tailored Session Examples;

7. Heart-Centered Leadership (creating authentic, embodied leadership with wisdom and compassion)

6. Mindfulness Tools for the Classroom (how to use simple mindfulness tools to optimize learning and performance) 

5. Rethinking Approaches to Behavioural Challenges (understanding how behaviour is connected to nervous system states and creating trauma-informed practices for resilience) 

4. Trauma and its Impacts (the importance of being trauma-informed to create safe and inclusive environments) 

3. Conflict Resolution (strategies to resolve conflict within the context of nervous system awareness)

2. Yoga, Somatics, Meditation (Easy Practices to Reduce Stress) (simple and accessible tools and techniques for self-awareness and self-regulation)

  • Communication Strategies (techniques to optimizing coherent, open and receptive communication focused on common purpose) 
  • Depleting & Renewing Emotions (understanding how different emotional states influence the body’s energy levels and performance)
  • Coherence & Breathing Techniques (heart coherence and it’s influence on well-being)
  • Relational Energetics (how individual self-awareness and coherence influences others)

1. HeartMath™


"I found the training to be generally enlightening and completely relaxing, I felt transported to zen for a day. I was extremely grateful for the knowledge shared in the area of coping with difficult times and how so many things in our bodies, mind, and spirit are interconnected and affect each other. I will be standing, stretching, and placing my hands behind my head in the area of the vagus nerve as needed!" 

~ Cassandra Crawford,
Sunlinc Senior Group Manager

This workshop is for organizations providing service to their communities. Participants will learn coping skills, self-care, and mindfulness techniques to create and nurture trusting relationships. The BEE Mindful Workshop was initially created for guidance counselors of St. Kitts to more fully support themselves as they serve their communities. 

Workshop Outline

  • Structure decided in conjunction with institutional leadership

Post-Seminar Weekly Follow-Ups x 3

Closing Practice / Reflection


  • Emotional Awareness
  • Emotions Meditation


  • Living with Intention
  • Setting Intentions


  • Spot Mindfulness
  • Using Breath for Calm
  • Yoga for Success
  • Tools to Release Stress

The Self

  • Meditation / Sound Therapy (optional)
  • Introduction to Driving Questions 

Opening Practice / Introduction 

Pre-Seminar Audit of Specific Organizational Challenges and Objectives

  • Daily Cleansing Rituals
  • Introduction to Mindfulness
  • Poetry Anthology and Analysis
  • Showing Up as Your Truest Self  

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for opening our minds and hearts to something that is so beneficial to everyone we will encounter.” 

The BEE Mindful Workshop

~ Krista James, Principal, St. Kitts International Academy  

"[Our students] start in an accelerated program and go on to a fast-paced work life. Both environments are continuous with high mental and emotional stress. Inviting [the facilitator] on campus allows us to provide students tools they can carry with them for the rest of their life, to manage the stressors they face daily. It is a course we try to host each semester to reach as many students as possible to give [them] lifelong skills."

~ Colleen Fruin-Shaw,
Director, Student Wellness Committee,
Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine

The BEE Embodied Workshop

This workshop is for organizations looking to establish a foundation for strong leadership using the intuitive intelligence of the heart and the wisdom of the body. Participants will gain greater self-awareness and awareness of the impact of the heart and body on the mind. The BEE Embodied Workshop is for any organization looking to support leaders to create safe spaces, trusting relationships, and confident teams. 

Workshop Outline

  • Structure decided in conjunction with institutional leadership

Post-Seminar Weekly Follow-Ups x 3

Closing Practice / Reflection

  • Relational Energetics
  • Building Heart Coherent Teams
  • Optimizing Performance, Communication, & Connection

Heart-Centered Leadership

  • Exploring Strategic Goals through Bodily Wisdom 
  • Building Trust Within Teams 

Build the Foundation

  • Listening to Self and Self-Compassion 
  • Nervous system mapping and comprehension


  • Meditation 

Opening Practice / Introduction 

Pre-Seminar Audit of Specific Organizational Challenges and Objectives

  • Training the Nervous System for Effective Leadership
  • What does it mean to lead with the body? Somatic Practices
  • Building Alliance through Shared Meaning 

Embodied Leadership

"Thank you so much. So far, the counsellors are loving the sessions. [The BEE ME Project] completed with them. I really want to say I appreciate the time, talent, resources, to make the day such a wonderful experience. The counsellors really appreciate and benefitted from the workshop. I really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. 

~ Sasha-Gay McDermott, Guidance Counsellor Coordinator, Ministry of Education, St.Kitts

  • 5 short & simple breathing/somatic techniques 
  • supportive and active learning environment
  • BEE ME resources for classroom/staff room use
  • worksheets for use in seminar and to take home
  • discussion and reflection activities
  • 1 or 2 trainers depending on size and location
  • online or in-person options available 

Supporting organizations to become trauma-informed places of inclusivity, wellness, and innovation.



Interested in learning about the team behind the BEE ME Project or why we’re so passionate about what we do? 

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Included in each workshop:


organizational retreats

For organizations looking to go a step further, The BEE ME Project offers completely customizable retreats located on the Caribbean paradise of St.Kitts. In conjunction with your team, our experienced facilitators will work closely with you to develop your retreat based on your organizational needs, budget, and the size of your group.

The BEE ME Project works in conjunction with The Royal St.Kitts Hotel to provide accommodation. We boast a variety of local sites for group learning, including a beachfront retreat space overlooking the island of Nevis. Retreats focusing on wellness can include yoga, sound therapy, Somatic Experiencing, and other healing modalities offered by our experienced staff.

For more information, please contact us directly by completing the inquiry form below. 

consulting services

We know that sometimes educational organizations notice a lack of satisfaction amongst their staff or feel misaligned with their existing offerings - but aren’t sure where to begin finding that alignment.

For educational organizations looking to go a step further, The BEE ME Project offers consulting services to collaboratively assess, design, implement, and evaluate existing programs or potential offerings. In conjunction with your leadership team, our experienced facilitators can help guide you to authentic and inclusive school initiatives focusing on areas as diverse as mindfulness, mental health management, stress reduction, trauma-training, and justice and equity.

Complete our short inquiry form below to share your needs with our team.