~ together, we can cultivate generational self-awareness ~ building resilience from the inside out ~
~ together, we can cultivate generational self-awareness ~ building resilience from the outside in ~
~ together, we can cultivate generational self-awareness ~ building resilience from the inside out ~
Having intrinsically motivating dreams helps to motivate you.

Motivation, Momentum and Morale


Understanding the power of three interconnected concepts – motivation, momentum and morale – can be life-altering. Believe it or not, this triad works as a continuum propelling us forward.

An Empowering Trio: Motivation, Momentum and Morale

Understanding the power of three interconnected concepts – motivation, momentum and morale – can be life-altering. Believe it or not, this triad works as a continuum propelling us forward.

Motivation is what propels us to act, what gives us the necessary activation energy to start an activity, a process or an endeavor.Momentum – that fantastic force seen in action all around us – keeps us moving once we have started. Finally, we will look at morale, a concept commonly applied in the workplace but one that is equally valid for individuals chartering their own life paths. Morale is rooted in confidence, positivity and self-care. Motivation is the starting point, momentum the long haul, and morale the fuel that keeps us going.

Having intrinsic motivation can help you fulfill your dreams.
Having big dreams can help to keep us extrinsically motivated.

Motivation – Press that ignition!

Intrinsic Vs. Extrinsic Motivation

We tend to think of motivation as something that comes from within. While that is true, the great news is that motivation can be nurtured and cultivated until it becomes second nature.

Motivation is not just something we feel, it can be something we practice, an empowering habit. We can create our own motivation.

There are two distinctive types of motivation: intrinsic and extrinsic. Extrinsic motivation is what propels us to perform activities, pursue goals, or eliminate negative consequences. When we do something deeply meaningful and interesting, intrinsic motivation comes in.

Reward and struggle are key elements of extrinsic motivation, the desire for the first and the avoidance of the latter. As social beings, our motivation is sometimes external, meaning that it originates from other sources. For example, we may feel motivated to join a social group because we like some of the members or because a reward is offered to the membership. By contrast, we may feel compelled to pursue a study course we particularly dislike just to be able to remain competitive in the workplace.

When we are enthusiastic about something or when we genuinely enjoy how we feel when we perform certain activity, we experience intrinsic motivation. Activities that bring us sheer enjoyment offer intrinsic motivation. Intrinsic motivation means we lose ourselves in the activity itself independently of its consequences. We experience the present moment rather than seek a future gain.


As discussed above, recognizing an activity as important and valuing its outcome often means we can find the motivation necessary to get going, even if the activity itself is not enjoyable or exciting.

When we identify our core values and are truly clear about who we are, we can achieve the most autonomous form of extrinsic motivation. In a sense, this type of motivation can be remarkably similar to intrinsic motivation as we willingly engage in an activity.

Clear goals, self-control, autonomy, curiosity and commitment all characterize self-motivation.

10 Practical Ways to get Motivated and Stay Motivated

Here are a few clear was to get motivated (even when we don’t want to)!

  1. Identify your core values
  2. Set clear, manageable and achievable goals
  3. Just start
  4. Create space
  5. Try different approaches
  6. Keep a positive outlook
  7. Eliminate distraction
  8. Be grateful for your progress
  9. Reward yourself
  10. Find the right support

Whatever activity or endeavor you wish to start, the best way to ensure successful pursue and completion is to begin by identifying the why. Finding the reasoning behind the desire or need to pursue this endeavor is much easier when you are aware of your core values, when you are clearly in tuned with your inner self.

Once you have identified the why, set smaller objectives that are achievable and manageable. For example, if you wish to lose 10 pounds, you can start by eliminating sugary drinks from your diet.

The most important way to get motivated is also the simplest – just start! Start exercising today if you wish to get fitter, for example, even if it is just for 10 minutes.

Create the necessary space and an adequate environment to facilitate your activity. If you wish to learn to dance salsa, find the right music and sufficient space.

When you find obstacles or feel that you are not progressing, try different approaches instead of giving up. Perhaps giving up sugary drinks did not bring the desire results on its own, in this case you can try reducing carbohydrates as well.

The going will be much easier if you maintain a positive outlook. Instead of believing that you will not succeed, have confidence in your abilities and keep trying.

Often, the distractions of modern life can keep us from feeling motivated. Try reducing the time you spend on social media, for example. You will find more space and inspiration to pursue your goals by focusing inwards.

Practice gratitude daily. However small your progress, acknowledge it and celebrate it. Find ways to reward yourself once you have achieved your set goals.

Finally, seek support from like-minded individuals and groups. By surrounding yourself with people who inspire you and uplift you, you will feel reinvigorated. Making use of their knowledge and accepting their support you will be in an even better position to achieve your goals and aspirations.

a woman walking down a long road is finding the motivation to keep going.
Momentum is equally as important as motivation for accomplishing your dreams.

Generating Momentum

Even when we have great self-motivation, there can be challenges and setbacks that keep us from accomplishing our goals. This is where momentum comes in.

Momentum, in simple terms, is the strength or force of a moving object. Sounds weird? We can translate this physics concept into human behavior. Basically, once we start, we can use the strength of the start to keep going. Once we are moving, we can use the strength of the movement to reignite our motivation.

Starting, re-starting, and moving is the secret to building momentum.

10 Practical Ways to Generate Momentum

  1. Build a routine
  2. Commit to sticking to your routine
  3. Set achievable schedules
  4. Be open to change – move on from what is not serving you
  5. Persist in the presence of challenges
  6. Keep learning
  7. Step out of your comfort zone
  8. Differentiate between short- and long-term goals
  9. Collaborate with like-minded individuals
  10. Visualize and record your successes

Once you have started, commit to your routine. When your routine serves you, uplift you and align with your core values you will automatically build momentum.

In the presence of challenges, persistence is key. Once you have made necessary changes and you see a clear path ahead of you, keep going even when the going gets tough.

The more you know, the more you can grow. Sometimes to gain the best momentum you need to move away from what you know and venture into the less traveled road.

Identify what you wish to accomplish first and focus on building that momentum first, then you can hitch a ride on that initial impetus to accomplish your longer-term goals.

When you need help building momentum, collaborate with people who are moving in the same direction as you.

Finally, keep visualizing! Visualization is a powerful momentum building technique. If you believe you can accomplish something, you are halfway there.

Growth and fulfillment are products of momentum. The more momentum, the easier and faster you will start living the life you wish to live.

A sign that shows that motivation, momentum, and morale are all needed for personal growth.
Morale is the glue that holds motivation and momentum together.

Building and Maintaining Morale

Morale represents confidence, positivity, and enthusiasm. It’s a by-product of success and it is also the fuel that ignites our motivation and keeps us moving. Morale is essential to maintaining a positive cycle of motivation, momentum and achievement.

A positive mindset is a characteristic of higher morale. When we cultivate gratitude and self-compassion, and when we take care of our physical, mental and emotional well-being, we foster high morale.

10 Practical Ways to Improve Your Morale

  1. Find inspiration and purpose
  2. Identify challenges
  3. Develop a clear strategy
  4. Be willing to change courses
  5. Follow through
  6. Meditate
  7. Focus inward
  8. Practice self-care
  9. Find support
  10. Celebrate your accomplishments

If you can identify what inspires you and what you find important and meaningful, you can find purpose and move towards fulfillment and higher morale.

Life is full of challenges and setbacks but these do not automatically reduce your morale. If you clearly see what is keeping you back you can create specific strategies to tackle problems and overcome them.

At times, you may set out on a path that you thought was best serving your purpose but later find out that this is not the case. Having the ability to adapt and change course is essential to maintaining the confidence and positivity that characterizes high morale.

Individual morale is deeply personal and it requires an inner focus. Find ways to listen to your inner voice, to experience your emotions, feelings and thoughts in a non-judgmental way. This will help you to understand what your personal needs are and you will learn to prioritize your own wellbeing.

Surrounding ourselves with a network of individuals who are supportive, positive and align with our core values also helps us keep us on track in the face of challenges.

Finally, the best way to cultivate high morale is to celebrate your achievements. Reward yourself and acknowledge your worth as an individual.

The more motivated you become, the faster momentum you will achieve and the higher morale you will experience. Start using this triad to accomplish your goals and dreams! And as always if you need any help, get on our mailing list for free resources delivered to your inbox every month.