Self-awareness & SELF-ACCEPTANCE

as foundational values.  

Heart-centered resources to support our mission.

 The BEE ME Project is actively looking for collaborators for video, resources, & podcasts. Click HERE to get in contact.
The BEE ME Project is actively looking for collaborators for video, resources, & podcasts. Click HERE to get in contact.
 The BEE ME Project is actively looking for collaborators for video, resources, & podcasts. Click HERE to get in contact.

We believe everyone can and should be able to benefit from mindfulness, somatics, and accessing their own resilience. 

Part of the mission of the BEE ME project is to provide free and accessible resources for anyone to use. We want to empower others to create lives of meaning and purpose, where what we prioritize in our society is directly relevant to navigating everyday life in a peaceful, centered, and loving way.

A portion of all profits goes to support our initiatives providing scholarships and outreach to communities who would otherwise not have access to our programming.

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Resilience is our ability to adapt when facing trauma, danger and hardship. How can it be improved?

Building Resilience


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Having a basic understanding of the nervous system is essential to understanding and improving your mental health.

Nervous System Regulation for Beginners

Nervous System Regulation

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We have been taught about the five senses – sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch – but most of us haven’t heard about interoception.

Downloadable and FREE - Inner Work Worksheets

In alignment with our sustainability goals, each worksheet is available as a digital download - enabling you to print for your needs OR just follow the prompts in your own journal or workbook. 

Enjoy these resources alone, in community  or a workplace setting. Each is designed to take you deeper into your mind-body connection, restoring resilience and sene of self. 


Available as a digital download.

'Living in the Breath'
Breathing for Stress


Available as a digital download.

Understanding Stress
Muscle Relaxation


Available as a digital download.

Somatic Healing
Movement for Stress

Learn about how to use your breath to calm both body and mind. 

Use your body to relax your mind and cope with everyday stressors. 

Learn about somatic movement and how to use it to de-stress.

Sharing tips on how to live a more present life. 

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Children’s Books on Mindfulness 

The Self-Guided BEE ME Journal

Through vivid imagery and relatable scenarios, children will learn to slow down and be present in the moment, develop their senses, and connect with their emotions. With simple yet powerful exercises throughout the book, children will be encouraged to practice mindfulness in their daily lives – whether it's taking a deep breath to calm down, noticing the sensations in their body, or simply appreciating the beauty around them.

This beautifully designed journal is packed with prompts, exercises, and the tools to help you build resilience. Through daily journaling, you'll be guided on a journey of self-discovery and self-care, with exercises and prompts that encourage reflection, gratitude, and positive thinking. You'll learn to tune in to your thoughts and feelings,identify patterns and triggers, and build a toolkit of coping strategies to help you navigate life's challenges.


Learn more about what drives us, the incredible people on our BEE ME team, and what makes our project so special. 

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If you’re new to mindfulness, holistic practices, or mental health research - there may be a few terms throughout our site that you want some clarity on. We’re excited you want to learn more about yourself and the work we are passionate about at the BEE ME Project.